Named Bands


Clem Curtis is the angel-voiced center of one of Britain’s most successful soul outfits. The Foundations’s first hit ‘Now That I Have Found You’ romped to the top of the charts in 1967, making them as the first first multi-racial act to have a UK No.1. Despite a flurry of hits, Clem departed, & they eventually split in 1970. Fresh from his solo efforts, Clem returned to England & formed his own version of the band in ’71 & continues to tour the band’s formidable catalogue of hits around the globe.Enquire Now »


One of the most successful soul / disco vocal trios of their era, with their hits Native New Yorker, Use It Up and Wear It Out, Looking For A Way Out, Inside Out, Going Back To My Roots, and the rare groove classic Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her. Odyssey appears on television, tours arenas, and performs in theaters, top hotels, clubs and major holiday villages, as well as private/corporate events throughout the US, UK, Europe and worldwide.Enquire Now »


Steve Brookstein first came to the public’s attention in 2004 as a vocalist who exploded onto our TV screens as the first ever winner of The X Factor. He remains the performer with the most amount of votes in one night with 6 million across the UK. Following this spectacular success, Steve went to the top spot with his debut single’Against All Odds’. In June 2005 his debut album also hit number one!Steve’s wide range & suberb vocal talent allows him to truely bring you the greatest live experience covering mostly motown & soul. Totally mind blowing, any big name comparisons, BBC Jazz Singer of the Year 2005Enquire Now »Watch Now »


Are the longest running band in pop history still performing live and enjoying over 50 hits world-wide. For half a century the group have undergone many line-up changes and the singers you see before you now are directly descended from those early days. No other vocal group has had as much success artistically and commercially as The Drifters and they are now one of the biggest selling artistes of all time. Until very recently, the most consistent member, the late, great Johnny Moore (who first joined The Drifters in 1954) took the stage with three of the current members, Peter Lamarr, Patrick Alan and Rohan Delano Turney. When Johnny died in 1998, The Drifters decided to continue in his honour, bringing in Victor Bynoe to complete the line up.Enquire Now »

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