Miss Vintage Voice

Gemma is a popular Essex based singer and has a wealth of experience performing at live gigs, in various venues such as bars and restaurants as well as in the private sector at weddings, events and parties. Gemma is also an experienced session singer and is available to record vocals for adverts, jingles and producers projects.

From a young age she has had a love and passion for singing which clearly shines through in all of her performances and she has a natural ability as an “on stage” entertainer.

Her versatile vocal ability means that Miss Vintage Voice covers a wide range of styles such as soul, blues, motown, jazz and pop. Singing hits from the 1920’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s right through to current day chart music, Gemma can cater for an audience of all tastes and ages. Her favourite styles to sing are soul, blues and Jazz.

Gemma has trained extensively in the voice and singing and this gives her vocals a polished professional sound in her live and recording work. Gemma has wowed packed out venue’s with a vocal range and ability that sets her apart from the rest. The name Miss Vintage Voice comes from her unique, soulful, vintage style voice.

Miss Vintage Voice combines powerful professional vocals with high energy on stage, this along with her bubbly personality creates a performance that inspires and lifts the audience.